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Sometimes the Nights That Try and Break Us - Build Us.

Updated: May 1

Tonight is a long night; my little one is sick. There is nothing worse in the world than feeling a loss of control, in our own lives or for someone else. There is so much in my life i'm grateful for, but I've survived many struggles to get to where I am; to be ok with who I am. I took a fall that almost cost me everything. Now being here, helplessly holding my little cub as she wakes and frowns in pain, reminds me of that feeling of hopelessness I had, and how close I came to giving up on my future. The future where my daughter holds onto me for comfort, and where I can hold onto her for just the same. We will continue through this long night, as we will throughout the rest of our lives, because I had people who cared enough about me to recognize and see how close to the edge I was; and who wouldn’t let me take another step. They are the reason I’m here tonight able to comfort my daughter, and I’m not sure if they will ever know how truly grateful I am.


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