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Depression and Loss During the Holidays

Updated: May 1



The Holiday Season:

It accentuates the elements in our lives that have changed over the past year, making them more real and apparent. As the laughter and love that once filled our hearts can no longer be felt, this time of year seems to be hard on everyone. This marks a point in time where loss is felt deeply from one year to the next. The holidays can trigger and heighten feelings of loss or depression. As we gather together, the absence of a loved once presence is extremally more noticeable during this time of celebrations. It is easy to see and feel the missing pieces of what was just last years gatherings.

A girl who's lost family is behind her during the holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time

for anyone, especially those dealing with depression or the loss of a loved one. While everyone around them is celebrating, they often find themselves struggling to cope with loss. It can be a time of sadness and emptiness, as memories of what once was, and thoughts of what could have been, floods their minds. The thoughts haunt us all. Reminders can be found all around; whether it be an empty chair at a table that was once filled with laughter and love, or the empty table itself once filled from end to end with warm food and surrounded by loving conversation. One year can be enough time to change our very realities as we know them; memories just simply vanished.

A time that was once filled with love, care, and joy;

with easy flowing conversation full of loving warmth, is now one of the most difficult times to get through as it is a reminder of what once was, and what could have been. For those dealing with loss and depression, it can bring up all of the emotions surrounding a difficult loss. Whether the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, a family that has been dispersed around the country, the feeling of being left behind and other forms of grief that we try so hard to keep shrouded in our minds but are a constant anchor on our hears always within reach. it can stir up difficult memories and make it impossible to truly enjoy the season.

woman who is depressed during holiday season

The holidays are often a reminder:

Watching all that's changed in just one years time, and we have to accept the change; no matter how hard we try not to. But as hard as it may be, we have to adjust and change with it. Learning to face the depression or accept a loss can open a time of new possibilities during this season.

There is a chance to make new memories:

Making new memories with the ones who are there and share in your pain can be a bridge to find new joy, despite the heartbreaking circumstances. This could mean finding an activity to honor a lost loved one, talking about and remembering the ways things used to be by sharing stories and memories that would always brings laughter and joy to an entire house, or simply spending time with friends and family and creating new memories.

Girl that have people behind her

Remember that everyone needs time to heal:

Unless you can walk in someone else's shoes, you will never know the transparency of their emotional wellbeing. We all heal differently, at different times, and in different ways. Don't let the negative feelings of anger and grief overwhelm you and keep you from living life; and try not to let the weight of your grief overshadow all the good things you still have around you. There is so much love during this season to be shared. If you or someone you know is feeling the effects of loss or depression, seasonal or not, offer them space to express their sorrow and stress. Sometimes just taking time to connect to those around you can be extremely healing. In the end, it is important to remember that you can make the holidays a joyful and meaningful season, even after experiencing loss.

HEALING WHEN GRIEVING A DEATH here is a helpful link when dealing with a loss

A man looking through a window at a family dinner.

If you or a loved one are struggling:

If you are a loved one is hurting, in pain, and struggling because of depression, addiction, loss, etc., we are here for you...we are one! Hope Through Darkness can help give light to the darkness that is making you feel like burying your head in a pillows until the pain subsides, overwhelming the festive holiday cheer! Struggling with emotional pain is harder than any kind of physical pain. Try and understand the feelings others have during this time of year. Remember that if you keep looking backwards towards the past, you will always miss what's coming up ahead. A love that is lost will never be forgotten because the stories and memories will always be there with you. We all endure the struggles and overwhelming pain that sometimes makes you feel like you're alone at the bottom of a well; cold, dark, and without a way out. As we go through this holiday season, remember you are not alone.

A woman sitting alone during the holiday

If you know someone who's independence worries you:

Let us help. Did seeing that family member this year make you think about how great of a risk it is for them to be home alone? Are they suffering in silence and not wanting to be a bother, but don't have any help getting their daily activities done? Would it be helpful to have someone who can help them, once, twice, or even three times a week with daily tasks such as cleaning, laundry, shopping, or even just daily companionship? Depression among the elderly population has a lot to do with loneliness and loosing their sense of independence. Hope Through Darkness has trained, caring, and compassionate mentors and coaches that are here to help. We provide not only help with daily activities and tasks, but also companionship.

Are you currently in a situation where the holidays bring on depression when everyone around you looks happy and carefree?

Reach out for help and get a free consultation. Please like and share to get this message out to those who need it!

REMEMBER... you are not alone. WE ARE ONE! ~HOPE


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