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Conditioning From Birth to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Updated: May 1

We are taught from when we are young that we need to climb the ladder, reach the ceiling, or aim for the stars. But sometimes when we get to the top, there is nothing there but air under our feet.

We are always conditioned to believe as long as we keep moving up, that one day we will have everything we ever wanted. There is no one that tells us that the only thing that changes when we get to the top is a different view.

"As you climb the ladder of success, be sure its leaning against the right building"

The time we spend away from our loved ones to stay late, work weekends, or go 'above and beyond' so we can reach the top of the metaphorical ladder, leaves us with nothing and no one except a nice view. We tend to trade our time and sanity for material things that we think will fill the void that’s inside us with something, anything, to fill that thing that we think we're missing.

When we reach the top, the hole is just as empty.

As we look out at the view, we reflect on the feeling of being lost, hopeless, and alone. Is it worth the years of struggle? How much is our time worth? What would our lives look like if we stopped giving our lives over to others and spend our time doing what makes us happy? Instead of looking out of this window, we could walk to the pier and stare at the water. No one ever looks back on our lives and says we wish we spent more time at work.

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way"

~ Christopher Morley



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