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1. Quick and easy: Delicious sandwiches can be prepared in minutes, which is faster and easier than traditional cooking methods.
2. Cooking results are good: The bread machine can cook the sandwich just right, the outside is crisp, the inside is soft and tender, and the texture is better.
3. Multifunctional: In addition to making sandwiches, the bread machine can also be used to bake bread, heat pizza, cook eggs, etc., with various functions.
4. Automatic temperature adjustment: The cooking temperature is automatically adjusted according to the ingredients to ensure that the food cooks better.
5. Simple operation: The toaster is simple to operate, and even novice cooks can easily make delicious sandwiches.

Product Information:
Power: 750
Color: bright red, orange, silver gray
Rated Voltage: 220
Packing List: Host 2 * baking tray
Operation mode: Mechanical
Product Size: Color box size is 22*17.5
Rated frequency: 750

Packing List:
Breakfast machine*1

Product Image:

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