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Getting past the oain of a breakup




4 Weeks


About the Course

This course is to the recognize the difficult aspect of why the feeling of despair you feel is relevant after a breakup. It highlights and Showcases the fact that you aren't losing just the happy memories that our mind tends to focus on, we see only the good when were faced with a breakup forgetting the fights and the feeling of being trapped. Then it's also a loss of the world you know as is, your reality in your present life is in constant flux, you feel like you Lost a part of yourself for however long you have been together to the point where your emotional and psychological and mental relationship become like one individual being torn apart Where there is no need for words to communicate just looks, glances, and actions. The subtlety of life, the little things can show an entire world of motion within someone you love. It is also about the future the two of you dreamed of at night planning the intricacies of a life together and what that entails until the early hours of the morning while holding one another like jigsaw puzzles fitting perfectly, just for each other and in eachothers arms. Its a productive loss of past present and future and the greatest fear is that you lost everything you love about life, the love you saw in your partner was a reflection of the love you in yourself and with them gone you cant figure out a normal place to function.

We will help you get past this, the dark long lonely nights, the fear depression and anxiety, the thoughts of texting and calling repeatedly while the worst thoughts run through your mind. We start with a 30 day intense program that will show you focus, give you meaning, and help find that person who is worth knowing and loving that we always lose within a relationship.

Your Instructor

Josh M.

Josh M.

Josh is a Founder and Co Owner of Hope, With almost 30 years in psychiatry in various fields, as well as accruing a fair share of counseling, mental health continuing education, nurses license and has dedicated his life helping those that need it most, He also is a very calm caring person who will go out of his way to help anyone through their darkest time. Relationships are difficult when things go well. As soon as it explodes the feelings are overwhelming and can be life changing on many levels. He is amazing and a great teacher!

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